Holidays long flights

How do you deal traveling abroad on the holidays long flights? Many things can help pass time on a long flight, the best thing to do on a long flight is to sleep, watch movies, play online games, reading books or listen to music or you can made some friends on the plane which helped pass the time. Different things suit different people. However, I usually prefer a playing games (can be a Smartphone, Tabs, iPad, etc.) If you plan to sleep during the flight, have soothing music might be help. Sleep a best way to keep you busy. Usually when you land in your destination, all your energy is drained from the flight and you are tired. Not if your body gets some rest! Sleeping also passes time. Why not! I usually can’t sleep the night before an airplane trip anyways. Another thing you’ll definitely need in your pocket. gum. It ain’t a pleasant experience if you ain’t chewing on something while the plane is descending. Your ears feel blocked, kind of. You’ll need to swallow and chew. gum offers both of those. If your trip is long, there are usually TVs. I catch up on the latest movies, too. Airlines try to provide good on-board entertainment on long flights and also try to provide decent meals on long flights.

Classic airplane games when you were a kid

Classic airplane games means success over a troubling and controversial hobby. When the microwave was made, people doubted the success of that object too. Flight games were new when airplane games debuted it’s top games such as Flight Simulator in 1981. Now that airplane games has it’s sauces over a dark time. Flight games are now mainstream with billions of fans around it. Although it’s complaints that it will never get far beyond it’s opponents, airplane games still becomes a multi-billion dollar franchise yet today, and nowadays developed in to browser games such as airplane games online and android games on smartphone Continue reading